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"Happy to be on Air again" DIVAS Eurozone Value Monthly Report

We are happy to be on air again with our monthly reports. If you wish to receive our monthly, please drop us a quick email or chat, so we can keep you up-to-date.

Best, Hansueli

WELCOME Martin Vogl @ DIVAS Asset Management

by Daniel Habshush

We are very pleased and delighted having Martin join our Board of Directors with his vast experience in international finance and a long-lasting track record within the insurance industry.

In the previous 15 years Martin held various management positions within the AXA Group. As CEO of AXA Czech Republic and Slovakia he headed the life insurance, P&C, Asset Management, Banking and Pension business. As Chairman of the Board of Directors of AXA Bank Germany he presided the Investment Management and Pension activities.

He started his career at Arthur Andersen Management Consulting specialised in Value Based Management and Financial Services. Following his studies in Business Administration in Heidenheim he completed his Master in Business Administration in Paris, Philadelphia and Tokyo followed by management courses at Wharton Business School Philadelphia and IMD in Lausanne.

CHF 23'910 raised for UNICEF "Cycling for children"

by Daniel Habshush

A cause dear to our heart

I am extremely Proud and thankful for the effort and support of each of our team members!

Corinne Rohner, Dr. Florian Treu, Daniel Franc, Simon Steinbach, David Kaufmann, Pascal Imboden, Beatrice Imboden, Verena Imboden, Roger Ganz, Stephane Junod and his family, Jean Claude Aebischer, Ursula Gloor, Costanza Maraffio, Bruno Rodrigues, Caroline Heil, Kevin B. Sahin, Marc Eigenheer, Hansueli Jost, Conradin Kraemer, Klaus Mutschler, Dean Habshush, Orit Gadot

This Saturday we will take part in the wonderful initiative organised by UNICEF Schweiz und Liechtenstein.

‘Cycling for children’ is an annual event where multiple companies, families and private parties cycle to raise awareness of the socio-economic challenges underprivileged kids are facing nowadays.

Join us at Greifensee (Uster , Switzerland) this Saturday or become a part of an amazing event!

Click here for more info

“From a GROWTH to a VALUE bubble?”

by Hansueli Jost

Our latest report from our Hansueli Jost on the topic “From a growth to a value bubble?”, a review of the longest and most pronounced underperformance of eurozone value in the financial history of the last hundred years. Should you have any questions or would like to meet us, do not hesitate to contact us.
Your DIVAS Team

click here to read the essay in full

Event Hotel Storchen

by Hansueli Jost

Hansueli Jost on 24 May 2019 gave a detailed account on the presumably biggest aberration in the financial history of the last 100 years that managed to establish itself over the course of the last 10 years and today’s analogy to the value implosion seen into February 2016. Never has the eurozone value space been more attractively valued than today. If history is any guide, there is a good chance we see a replay of the recovery following February 2016, which doubled our NAV within the following two years, 60 percentage-points of which was alpha.

"AA-Rated GAM manager resurfaces at boutique" - Citywire

by Hansueli Jost

Our newest team member Hansueli Jost AA-rated Eurozone Value fund manager appearing in the news.

Click here to read full Citywire article

Every child deserves a fair chance in life

by Daniel Habshush

A cause dear to our heart,

DIVAS Asset Management will participate again this year @UNICEF “Cycling for Children” to support children effected by war and natural disasters from Yemen to south eastern Africa.

Your donation helps UNICEF make a difference for children around the world.

Learn more about “Cycling for Children”

Support our TEAM and donate here

Hansueli Jost joins DIVAS Asset Management

by Daniel Habshush

The DIVAS Asset Management team is proud to welcome Hansueli Jost, our latest addition to the team.

Hansueli comes with a vast experience in fundamental stock picking, with a primary focus on Value and the Eurozone.

In his position as fund manager he will assume the responsibility for the DIVAS Eurozone Value Equity Fund family.

In his category he demonstrated over the years an outstanding performance and market knowledge, yielding him a Citywire “AA” rating and a number 1 ranking globally over 3 years.

To put it in his own words: “I’m very excited to work in such a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment and to build our Eurozone Value Equity Fund family”.

In his previous 30 years, among others, Hansueli managed Eurozone Equities at GAM Investment Management and UBS Investment Management and Global, Pan-European and U.K. Equities at Morgan Stanley, Schroders and SBC Portfolio Management International in London.

He graduated as Economist from the School of Economics and Business Administration in Zurich.

DIVAS @ “Suppentag”

by Daniel Habshush

We believe in giving back to the community by supporting local social causes. For the second time DIVAS Asset Management took part in this year’s 15th annual Suppentag in Zurich.

Schweizer Tafel took the initiative in 2004 creating the Suppentag. The aim of the Schweizer Tafel was to get prominent personalities, such as politicians, athletes, and businessmen/businesswomen in Switzerland serving soup to the homeless across the country.

DIVAS Global Barrier Coupon Fund –’18 semi-annual performance review

by Daniel Habshush

When looking back at the first six month of 2018, we proudly report a very positive performance with a NAV of USD 101.67, outperforming various traditional asset classes.

While the market environment across all asset classes has been more challenging, we managed to prove our concept and generate a positive alpha versus various benchmarks with a relatively low risk (5-15% Delta) for the benefit of our investors.

Delivering on our promises:
  • Diversification
  • Risk Control
  • Yield Enhancement
  • Cost & Operational efficiency
click here to read the essay in full.

DIVAS welcomes Marc Eigenheer as new Chief Risk Officer

by Daniel Habshush

The team at DIVAS Asset Management is proud to welcome our newest member Marc Eigenheer (CFA, FRM, CAIA) as Chief Risk Officer replacing Patrick Loepfe. Marc comes with a very profound background in quantitative analysis, software development, risk management and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He acquired his vast experience working for Credit Suisse, UBS Asset Management, Quaesta Capital and founding his company ICADIA.

We wish Marc a great start in his new role.

DIVAS Global Barrier Coupon Fund - FIRST performance review

by Daniel Habshush

We look back on the first six months since we launched our fund and proudly report a very positive performance with a NAV of USD 101.52, outperforming various traditional asset classes.

Even with larger market drawdowns combined with volatility spikes we managed to show a solid and stable performance and furthermore exploited the higher volatility for the benefit of our investors.

Delivering on our promises:
  • Diversification
  • Risk Control
  • Yield Enhancement
  • Cost & Operational efficiency
Click here for a detailed report

We thank our investors and partners for their trust and support.

Your DIVAS Team

BETTER & MORE - Website relaunch

by Kevin Sahin

DIVAS Asset Management is pleased to announce the relaunch of its website (www.derivativesolution.com) with a special focus on its products. The new section means that customers can now benefit from richer content online, which is easier to navigate through and gain full access to all relevant performance & product information and to the relevant documentation. “This update comes as a result of talking to customers and understanding their needs” says CEO Daniel Habshush.


by Daniel Habshush

We wish you and your family MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Your DIVAS Asset Management Team

"Zukunftstag" Alain Hirt @ DIVAS Asset Management

by Daniel Habshush

On the National Swiss Future day, we were excited to welcome Alain. The “NSF” day is about children at a certain age, spending the school day at a workplace of their choice, to help them think about what career opportunities they are interested in.

Alain spend his morning with our CEO taking part in client, and sales meetings. In the afternoon he visited DIVAS office. He spent half of the time with the Portfolio management team, learning some basics of trading, asset classes and assisting in an actual trades. The rest of the afternoon he sat with the sales team learning how to prepare for client presentation and pitches.

A summary video of Alain's day at DIVAS

DIVAS launched its flagship product

by Kevin Sahin

We are excited and proud to announce that on November 15th, we have launched our flagship derivative product.

The DIVAS Global Barrier Coupon Fund is a FINMA approved Swiss access product proving our core values in action:
  • Putting clients first
  • Forging paths between tradition and innovation
  • Aiming for full transparency
  • At a fair and reasonable price
DIVAS enhances a smart investment concept by avoiding common problems of structured note instruments in a unique, transparent and cost efficient way.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or information.

Click here for more information about the DIVAS Global Barrier Coupon Fund

DIVAS Launch-Apéro @ "Badi Wollishofen"

by Kevin Sahin

We appreciate all of our clients & friends for making it through the crazy traffic and rain to attend the DIVAS Launch-Apéro. By not being shy of the rain, all of the attendees made it happen. It was a great and successful event with the people enjoying the environment, food, drinks and music.

Thank you everyone for allowing us to host you.

DIVAS Asset Management AG @ Citywire

by Daniel Habshush

DIVAS Asset Management AG - FINMA approved

by Daniel Habshush

DIVAS Asset Management AG has reached its first major milestone with the FINMA approval as asset manager for collective investment schemes. DIVAS is now launching the first derivative investment fund of its kind in Switzerland. DIVAS is co-founded and supported by a single family office in Zurich and provides derivative solutions in a unique, transparent and cost efficient way.

For more information please visit www.derivativesolution.com

WELCOME Kevin Sahin @ DIVAS Asset Management

by Daniel Habshush

DIVAS Asset Management is pleased to welcome Kevin Sahin our newest team member. Kevin has been with DIVAS since January 2017 working on several successful projects. Kevin comes from an entrepreneurial background making him proficient in business administration & project management and is fluent in three languages.

DIVAS welcomes Karim Jadallah

by Daniel Habshush

The DIVAS Asset Management team is thrilled to welcome our newest member Karim Jadallah to our Portfolio Management team. Karim has a strong background in economics and quantitative analysis. Karim was with Skandia Leben AG for the past 5 years, most recently as Head of Investment and Portfolio Management. Before that he was part of the Macroeconomic Fixed Income Research Team at UBS Investment Bank.

In the NEWS:
Click here to read full article @ Citywire

DIVAS Asset Management & friends @ UNICEF Crans Montana

by Daniel Habshush


We are extremely proud and want sincerely to thank all of you for supporting our team. The cycling event was a great success.

Most of our team members rode a minimum of 28km with a total incline in height of 860m. A few team members rode more than 60km with more than a total of 2’000 height meters incline.

Thanks to your contributions the biggest difference was made off the bike. We received a total of CHF 19’578.- and finished as NBR1 CORPORATE FUNDRAISER.

Thank you everyone

Pascal Scherer, Pascal Imboden, Dr. Daniel T Schmitt, Michael Holliger, Dr. Florian Treu, Frank Schubert, Karim Jadallah, Jonathan Habshush, Conradin Kraemer, Kevin B. Sahin, Gregor Guggisberg, Alain Hirt, Verena Imboden, Daniel Habshush

Click here to watch a short video of our day @UNICEF Crans Montana

Sanostro and DIVAS Asset Management cooperate

by Daniel Habshush

DIVAS Asset Management today announced a cooperation with Sanostro based in Zurich, to develop tailored solutions for the insurance industry.

“We know and highly respect the people from DIVAS since a long time and look forward to developing specialized solutions with them – mainly for the insurance industry,” said Wolfgang Batt, CEO of Sanostro.

“We are very pleased to work with Sanostro,” added Mr. Habshush, CEO of DIVAS. “We are starting our combined efforts at such an exciting time, as both firms seek to further expand their activities in a fast changing market place. We are looking forward to working closely with Sanostro to identify attractive opportunities and grow our businesses.”

About Sanostro

Sanostro is a highly innovative provider of hedge fund intelligence. The company was founded in 2011 on the belief that intelligence of the leading quantitative managers should be used to help investors make investment decisions and that risk management must not be expensive. Since then Sanostro has built a global platform of quantitative managers to offer systematic, model-based hedging solutions and tactical asset allocation models to institutional investors. Clients use Sanostro flexibly to manage their FX, equity, commodity and bond portfolios through tailor-made solutions. Sanostro cooperates with some of the most respected quantitative investment managers in the hedge fund space and is headquartered in Zurich.

Click here for more information about Sanostro

DIVAS Asset Management & friends @ UNICEF "Cycling for Children" in June 2017 - Stand up for children everywhere!

by Daniel Habshush


16'000 children die a day, suffering from air pollution, water shortages and drought, let aside the 50 million children misplaced by war.

DIVAS Asset Management & friends joined the UNICEF "Cycling for Children" June 2017 event in Crans-Montana to raise money for the children in need.

Help us to help them, small steps at a time and support our cause to support our future.

Find out more about DIVAS Asset Management & friends at UNICEF Event

DIVAS welcomes Gregor Guggisberg as newest board member

by Daniel Habshush

We, at Divas Asset Management are excited to announce and welcome our newest board member Gregor Guggisberg. Gregor`s experience goes beyond 20 years in the financial services industry, which he spent 14 years at Deutsche Bank. Most recently he was positioned as Managing Director at the Asset & Wealth Management division, and before that he was the Head of Global Markets and Institutional Client Group Switzerland.

Merry Christmas

by Daniel Habshush

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas.